Why Did The Ottoman Empire Last So Long?

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The Ottoman Empire came into power in 1301. The Ottomans were able to overthrow the Seljuks and after that they were able to repopulate the city and stay in power until 1922. The Ottoman rulers implemented many systems that were more helpful than harmful and allowed them to have strong loyal citizens. These systems built up their empire in crucial places. The Ottoman Empire had a strong trade and military system with religious tolerance these factors allowed them to stay in power for so long. The Ottoman Empire's military system was a main reason the empire was able to last so long. The citizens were experts in developing gunpowder and had no problem supporting the military. Having a population who supports military and helps, leads to a very strong army with no …show more content…

The Ottomas got very lucky with their geographic location. The Ottomans had control over Istanbul, Istanbul became one of the great trade centers.The Ottomans also had control over many water trade routes. Controlling trade routes and trade centers gave the Ottomans great trade power because everyone needed to trade with them. The Ottomans location helped them to another extent, the ottomans had plenty of natural resources. These natural resources gave them the ability to make an abundance of silk, cloth, dye, and other goods. Having an abundance of goods allows you to be constantly trading. Getting new goods while having plenty of your own allows for a very rich economy with plenty of supplies for any occasion. One last reason trade was so great was because Ottoman rulers encouraged artisans and traders to live within the empire. The Ottomans treated them well and wanted as many as they could get. Having many artisans and traders allowed goods to be made and traded rapidly. With complete control over trade the Ottomans economy was booming and they easily stayed in power for many

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