Compare And Contrast Ottoman Empire And Safavid Empires

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The Muslim world expanded tremendously during the 1300s to 1700s. The Ottoman Empire and Safavid Empire were two out of the three empires that had significant changes during these time. Though the Ottoman and Safavid Empire contrast on leaders and ways they rule, they similar on their declination and cultures. In the Ottoman Empire, multiples leaders contributed to the growth of the Empire. Ghazis were warriors for the Islam that followed strict Islamic rules. One of the most successful ghazis was Osman, conquering the frontiers of the Byzantine Empire, buying lands for expansion, and forming alliances with emirs. His followers became known as the Ottomans. In 1361, Osman’s son, Orkhan I declared himself a sultan. During his rule, he …show more content…

After Timur turned his attention to China, a war broke out between the 4 brothers. Mehmed I the won his brother, taking the throne after Orkhan. Mehmed’s son Murad II took over after him and was one of the 4 most powerful sultans. His accomplishments include defeating the Venetians and Italian crusaders, and invading Hungary. After that, Murad’s son Mehmed II was in control. He conquered Constantinople, one of the most important cities, locating the Bosporus Strait. He also opened Constantinople to different religions. Mehmed II had a grandson named Selim the Grim. He took control of Muslim holy cities such as Mecca and Medina. He also took control of Cairo and Egypt, the intellectual center of the Muslim world. Selim’s son, Suleyman, made tremendous impact on the Ottoman empire, driving it to it’s peak. Suleyman made an efficient and structured government that reduces bureaucracy. He also made law codes to handle criminal and civil actions, limited taxes, and improved citizens lives. By giving slaves education, it gives them the knowledge and ability to work in the future. He also allowed citizens to have freedom of religion. The last leader of

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