Compare And Contrast Ming And Qing Dynasty

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The Ming and Qing dynasties were two of many dynasties in China. They were also in fact, the last two dynasties. The Ming dynasty ruled from 1368-1644, and the Qing empire ruled from 1644-1912. Both dynasties had long lasting eras of power because of strong framework from influential leaders. The Ming dynasty had Zhu Yuanzhang who was a successful war leader. The Qing had Hung Taiji and Li Zicheng who were key instruments in taking over the Ming dynasty and Beijing. Both dynasties had eventful paths to power, many achievements while in power, and a particular decline in power. The empire that came first was the Ming dynasty. This group reigned for about 300 years and was in power from 1368-1644. They first came to strength when Zhu Yuanzhang …show more content…

Wood block printing became even more advanced than it was in the Ming era and the Opera became well known in the world of Chinese fine arts. During the reign of the Qing which was about 270 years, they controlled over 13 million square kilometers of land. This dynasty also created the Kangxi dictionary in the Kangxi emperor era. The Ming dynasty experienced a great deal of tragedy which led to the fall of their reign. Key things that helped the Manchurian people take over Beijing was death and disaster from the Bubonic Plague, earthquakes, and climate changes. The Qing dynasty, just like the Ming, had issues from natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. This caused their forces to be impacted and allowed for extended wars to take even more of their troops. In conclusion, The Ming and the Qing dynasties were the las two dynasties of China. They both lasted close to 300 years each. With strong leadership and strategic land being conquered, they were able to last a long time with power. The two dynasties are responsible for valuable productions in the Asian world such as printing and the fine arts. Both dynasties took a fall after wars and disasters damaged their

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