Genghis Khan Dbq Essay

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Verdict of the Trial of Genghis Khan. After the trial had taken place, I decided that Genghis Khan and the Mongols were uncivilized. During the time of the trial I learned much more of the brutality that had taken place during his reign. The barbaric attitudes and actions of himself and his followers is what led to him being found guilty of being uncivilized. More specifically, my reason were as follows: their treatment of many people in the regions that they conquered, destruction of property, and caused much devastation across the lands. Upon conquering those in foreign lands, the Mongols treated the people without dignity or respect of any kind. It seemed that they had a disregard for human life with the people were alien to them and discriminated against them whilst in the peoples’ native land. Once conquered the peoples’ lifestyles were ripped from them, even including the elites. The Mongols exploited everyone, even women and children, for their own advantage, often using forced labor. Those who resisted Khan’s reign were often enslaved, imprisoned, or killed. (I think that being killed for resisting was a little too much.) Many people were killed during the era of the Mongols. The Mongols destroyed …show more content…

His reign led to many rebellions, which obviously caused many people to lose their lives. If you resisted and your life ended, the lives of your relatives could also be taken to weed out any possible traitors. (Which I found rather brutal.) Also, if one were to be conquered and not killed, enslaved, or imprisoned, they’d be taxed heavily. As stated before, the Mongols were ordered to destroy the farmlands to make room for pasture, which led to the starvation of many people. Another problem was that many foreigners were accepted into Mongol controlled regions, which exposed natives to diseases that they had never experienced; this led to the death of many people, whose immune systems could not keep

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