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The Mongols, a native asian tribe, eight hundred years ago conquered much of the known world. Said tribe originated from the grasslands of central asia and went on to become one of the most successful and most conversed about castes in history. The story of the mongols, however, is one that is quite difficult to tell. The Mongols were an illiterate clan, making it close to impossible to receive a message in full context, much like the telephone game nowadays were a message is spread through many individuals until reaching the final destination. For hundreds of years the Mongols have been a center of debate for many history related discussions, though the common conclusion is yes, the mongols were a barbaric tribe, that’s not really the case, and it’s backed by facts. The term “barbaric” refers to being cruel and brutal. The fact that the mongols killed millions of people during their journey cannot be ignored, however the second part of the definition cannot be either. As stated by the Oxford Living Dictionaries, the term barbaric also refers to being primitive and unsophisticated, which is not the case at all. Document A gives the reader a sense of how much land and impact the mongols really had by comparing them to more relevant leaders of the theme. Genghis Khan was able to conquer twice as much land as Alexander The Great, essentially 4,860,000 square miles, compared to Alexander’s 2,180,000. Although the argument of age and lifetime can be brought

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