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During the thirteenth century much of the known world was conquered by people from a small tribe in Central Asia. These people became known as the mongols. They operated on the backs of horses and even used siege weapons. Some of the people that came across the MOngols called the barbarians. These were people that were savage and evil. The reason for this is because the Mongols were taking over the land of all the people unexpectedly. They were looting and pillaging anywhere that they could and they didn't care who they ended up hurting. When they went into battle the Mongol army would also rape the women that they found in the certain villages that they went to. Even with all this happening they still managed to do certain things that are …show more content…

When the mongols are getting ready to fight they set up in a certain way that the people believe that there is a huge army coming to get them and they get scared (Doc D). Their first wave is captured people from other places to fight them head on. The Mongols didn't even go into the first wave. This wave was most likely to get them tired for when the mongols attacked and finished them off. Carpini mentions that the Mongols split into different groups so that some could receive rest while others fought but the opposing forces would fight day and night (Doc D). We can see this again when Ata-Malik Juvaini said that after some time of fighting they had gotten tired and they had lost all hope on winning the fight (Doc E). This was a very great strategy to defeat the opposing forces. When the people fighting the Mongols got extremely tired then they would be easier to defeat and kill. They Mongols did not really exhibit any barbaric qualities in their fighting style. They did enough of what they had to do to take over the empires they were going up against. The only reason that the people could have viewed them as barbaric is because the mongols came unannounced and managed to kill a lot of people over a short period of …show more content…

The boy had been trained in the art of war since they were born and they had nothing else to do. These kids were taken from their family and sent to the camps at age 14. From this it was concluded that the people that fought the Mongols did not really have a chance against them. The Mongols had farther superior strategies and that is why they managed to kill so many people from the opposing armies. Even with all these things that they did they managed to try to make those empires great again but under Mongol rule. It was seen when Kublai tried to implement some christianity into China showing that they were letting themselves be influenced by other cultures that were not their own. The Mongols also did not want the empires that they conquered to fall behind and become barbaric places. They did this by trading with people and peacefully bringin artisans and doctors from other places into the Mongol empire. They also helped the infrastructure of the empire so they would look the best that they could compared to other

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