Were The Mongols Good Or Bad

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The Mongols
The Mongols have made a negative impact to all of us in one way or another. Some ways worse than others. Some of the things Genghis Khan has done may be cruel and wrong, but was what he had to do to be a great leader. The Mongolians ruled from 1260 to 1368 C.E, they were located in Mongolia, in the Northern China area.
While Khan was ruler, he had killed millions of people in the process. Khan had gone to many different villages and asked for money for various reasons. If they refused to pay he ordered his soldiers to kill every person in sight in return for refusing. The villages would have been protected if they pay money to them, and at the time being protected by Khan and his army was generally a good thing to have.
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It was even said it was so safe that you could carry a block of gold in plain sight and have no issues. Nobody would ever rob you or steal from you, because if you did, Khan would send his army to kill your whole family. There were few people who tested Khan’s power and they soon regretted it.
Genghis Khan had also had many many children, some he probably never knew about. He raped women so he could have a lot of people later down the line related to him. He would steal any woman he wanted, married or not. Khan was a cruel man but didn 't stop him from being the greatest general of all time.
To conclude my essay, I hope you understand more about Genghis Khan. I also hope you understand my argument on why he made negative impacts on the world. He killed, raped and stole from millions of people, no person 's life should be put in danger because of one 's power over you or belief. For those reasons you should understand the negative impacts Ghengis Khan had made to the

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