Mongol Legacy

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The True Legacy of The Mongols In history, a frequent topic of debate is the legacy that the Mongol Empire left behind. It can easily be argued that they were nothing but murderous barbarians, a monotonous war machine. This is proven by the fact that they used biological warfare at the Siege of Caffa in 1346. The Mongols catapulted disease ridden corpses into the city of Caffa to spread the Black Plague into the city.(Wheelis) They also killed millions in the cities and towns that they raided(Rummel). The Mongols were guilty of crimes against humanity as they encouraged the spread of the Black Plague and slaughtered millions of innocent people in their military campaigns. The Mongols in their conquests slaughtered millions of people. The …show more content…

The Mongols can be accredited to spreading it to Europe as a result of their actions at Caffa. The Mongol Army transmitted the disease to wherever they went. At Caffa, the Mongols catapulted their infected bodies into the city. As a result, it can be concluded that the Mongols were “responsible for infecting the inhabitants of Caffa”.(Wheelis) From there, the plague easily spread to Italy and then the rest of Europe. This shows how the Mongols used Biological Warfare against their enemies which as a result inflated into one of the deadliest pandemics in history, with estimates pointing to around one quarter or one third of Europe’s population dying.(Wheelis) This shows yet again that the Mongols caused such a widespread plague just trying to take a city over! As a result, the Mongols can be accredited to spreading the Black Plague to Europe which killed millions of people, in addition to the number of civilians they already …show more content…

The British style of fighting was formal, with soldiers “Under the direct supervision of...officers...in the close-order column or line.”(Dupuy,158) This shows how formal the British soldiers were, fighting in closely knit columns and lines which was completely different from the Mongol style of fighting, massacring their enemies without any thought

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