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DBQ: The Mongols: How Barbaric were the “Barbarians”? Throughout history, the term “barbarian” has been used to refer to groups of “uncivilized” people with savage and evil qualities. What it essentially means is foreigners. A specific group of people called “barbaric” are the Mongols, a small tribe from central asian grasslands who during the 13th century, conquered much of the known world. The Mongols lived a nomadic lifestyle, often at the outskirts of other developing civilizations. An illiterate people, the Mongols trained themselves to ride horses and use siege weapons, making them excellent warriors. As they swept through much of Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, conquering numerous lands, the Mongols began to be known as strong …show more content…

The Mongols reached broad extents of land, having four Khanates in Russia, Persia, Central Asia, and China, creating contacts with other parts of the known world(Document A). Because of this, public relations associating trade and commerce were set in motion. The Mongols traded among Asia and Europe for centuries during their establishment, and it was what initially led them to subdue China(Document I). While it is recognizable that the conquest of China was through terrorism, attaining that area opened numerous doors for commerce. As China was a treasure to travelers such as Marco Polo, the Great Khan Kubilai welcomed the traveler to bring Christians with him(Document H). This displays the Mongol characteristic of adaptation and acceptance towards new cultures and ideas, implementing diversity. When the Mongols conquered most of Asia, including China and Persia, they also gained control of the continental caravan routes, which were essential to their lucrative commerce(Document J). It is a misconception that the Mongols, a successful empire that excelled in it varied commerce and trade, was barbaric due to the mature level of tolerance required for peaceful public

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