Dbq Should The Mongols Be Remembered By Expansion Or Destruction?

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The year 1206 was a significant time in history. It was the time when the largest empire, the Mongol Empire, began. The Mongols were a tribe of nomadic people in Asia. The multiple leaders of the Mongol Empire achieved countless accomplishments during this era of time. This empire conquered millions of square miles of land. They also had the achievement of killing millions of people. When we think of the Mongols, which should we remember by, their expansion or their destruction? The Mongols should be remembered by their severe destruction.

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The Mongols thrived on their destruction. During their conquests in Khwarazm, Russia, and Persia, the price to expand their empire were thousands of innocent …show more content…

The Mongols must kill every inhabitant in the city, if they would have difficulty doing this task, they would make the residents suffer until their forfeit and accept death. They would burn their houses down, destroy cities, and use the corpses of the killed to attack the houses. This is a truly disturbing action, but to the Mongols, it was a memorable achievement. During these battles and conquests, many people including the innocent were massacred. Document F shows the total number of killed people by the Mongols in Bukhara, Samarkand, Merv, Nishapur, Herat, Riazan, Kozelsk, and Baghdad. These numbers together make a total of over 5,477,000 killed people for the 38 years between 1220 and 1258. The Mongols were merciless murderers who killed many innocent victims. They didn’t just kill innocent residents in cities they battled, they also killed hundreds of their own hard working soldiers. According to the source Document C, it stated “When they are in battle, if one or two or three or even more out of a group of ten run away, all are …show more content…

Besides their murderous characteristics, the Mongols were very successful in expanding their empire with improving trade and having excellent plans. According to Document A, it shows a map and a key on the seven largest empires in the world. The largest empire with a grand total of 4,860,000 square miles of land was the Mongol Empire. This achievement is extremely significant to our knowledge of history. This does not mean that their achievements of killing millions should make us ignore this tremendous achievement. The Mongols also established countless cities for the Mongolian people to live in while the Mongol soldiers were at battle. Document E states “Apart from these districts there are but large temples of the court scribes. There are twelve Buddhist temples belonging to the different nations, two mosques in which the law of Muhammad is proclaimed, and one church for the Christians at the far end of town. The town is surrounded by a mud wall and has four gates.” This describes the largest city in the Mongol Empire, Saint Denis. The emperors of the Mongol Empire were wise while building cities. They knew that the people who lived in the Mongol Empire could have different nationalities and different religious thoughts. As a result, the architects built many religious worship buildings for multiple cultures. The Mongol emperors had prosperity

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