How Should The Mongols Be Remembered Analysis

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How Should the Mongols be Remembered? Eight hundred years ago a small tribe from the steppes of Central Asia was so successful conquering a significant amount of the world, but their victories was not very pleasant. They conquered most of Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe and nothing has even been done before the Mongols established their army creating a massive empire in such little time. Although they were very victorious and successful their reputation was not pretty and other people called them "barbarians" which is a negative term referring to people who lived beyond the reach of the civilization and they were known as being evil and savage. The Mongols were nomads who lived in yurts and had few material possession knowing little about mining and were not interested in farming. Eating off of meats, milk, and hide of horses, and the meat and wool of sheets was their usual meals. Temuchin, also known as Genghis Khan which means …show more content…

Secondly, the Mongols did not only kill those who fought in the wars, but they also ruins land that was filled with innocent men, women, children and animals. In a primary source written by a Persian historian Juvaini, in the thirteenth century describes the Mongols as being destructive and "...With one stroke a world that flowed with fertility was laid desolate...with the majority of the living now dead, their skin and bones now crumbling in dust"(Doc. 2). The Mongols would not only destroy the soldiers I the war, but they would kill their innocent families and the whole area would be destroyed for no logical purpose. Ata-Malik Juvaini the author of this article in the Book, The History of the World Conqueror stated that "they served the heads of the slain from their bodies and heaped them into piles, keeping men separated from the children" (Doc. 4). Not only did they destroy and kill all their enemies and their lands, but also the way they divide them and the way the kill everyone is definitely inhumanly and animal

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