The Other Wes Moore

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The Other Wes Moore" is a book written by Wes Moore, published in 2010. The book tells the story of two men named Wes Moore, who were both born in Baltimore around the same time and grew up just blocks away from each other. Despite their similar backgrounds, the two men end up leading vastly different lives. One of the Wes Moores becomes a Rhodes Scholar, a White House Fellow, and a successful business executive. The other Wes Moore, however, becomes involved in drugs and crime, and eventually ends up in prison for his role in the murder of a police officer. (Wes Moore Interview) The two Wes Moores were affected by their upbringing in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. The author, Wes Moore, grew up in a tough neighborhood in Baltimore, while …show more content…

The author, Wes Moore, made a pivotal decision to attend a military academy, which provided him with structure, discipline, and a path to success. He also had the support of his family and mentors who encouraged him to pursue his dreams. The other Wes Moore, on the other hand, made several poor decisions, including dropping out of high school, getting involved in drug dealing, and eventually committing a robbery that led to a life sentence in prison. The author Wes Moore had a clear sense of purpose and direction in his life, which motivated him to achieve his goals. In contrast, the other Wes Moore lacked a sense of purpose, which led him to make poor decisions that had long-lasting consequences. (The other Wes Moore: one name two fates) Peer pressure and the influence of friends were also factors that impacted the decisions made by the two men. The author, Wes Moore, had friends who supported his goals and aspirations and did not engage in criminal activities. In contrast, the other Wes Moore's friends were involved in drug dealing and other criminal activities, and he felt pressure to conform to their behavior to fit in. (Johnston & Onofre,

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