Bless Me Ultima Culture Analysis

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Recently, there has been a constant barrage of news regarding the war against ISIS by the United States of America. No matter what news source is on the air, one of the stories is practically guaranteed to bring up ISIS. The main cause between the two groups fighting, and the consequential reporting afterwards, is culture. Different cultures will always lead to battle and conflict. One of the primary conflicts in the novel, Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, is the struggle Antonio, the main protagonist, has with the culture he was raised on, and the culture Ultima, a curandera or healer, introduces him to. Every new conflict Antonio faces introduces a new set of moral questions that test his mindset of what is right and wrong. This impacts the journey he goes through …show more content…

Was the power of good and evil the same?” (55) This quote is a thought in Antonio’s head after thinking how a blessing given to him by Ultima felt the same way as a whirlwind that knocked him over in the past. This thought in Antonio’s head implies that he notices a large similarity between what he believes to be evil magic and Ultima’s good magic. This happens many times due to many other people’s view of Ultima. They assume because she uses magic that is not related to the church, she must be a witch. This idea crosses Antonio’s mind in this moment, causing him to consider what his mother has told him about Ultima, which was all good things, and what he is thinking when he feels the whirlwind’s power again. He does not know if he should consider her magic holy or evil anymore. Antonio’s revelation of the connection between Ultima’s magic and what he considers to be the devil’s magic changes him. It challenges his existing belief of God, given to him by his mother’s culture, with the culture of magic. This greatly impacts him by making him more open minded about religion in the future, which does impinge on his

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