DBQ Essay: War In Syria

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War in Syria DBQ Essay
Many things cause war, stuff like Revenge, beliefs, Arguments, racism. There has be more than five five wars in Syria. Things that causes violence are are the people, the government, Islamic groups, and terrorist. The people that start wars are the pro-government,while the Islamic groups have constantly in war with the anti government terrorists have been attacking everyone. Many people estimated 250,000 to 450,000 casualties, as February 2016 there was over 70,000 civilian casualties. (Doc.A) The Assad Regime supporting the Alawites and the Sunnis dominating the opposing forces have been in a sectarian conflict which causes violence In Syria hurting innocent civilians. (Doc.B) in the Assad Regime they sent shiba, most of them being Alawites, there was an incident where same shiba were killed. The shiba got enraged killing a few Sunnis. It shows that favoring one group over another will cause disagreement which will turn into violence.(Doc.C) The pro-government is fighting every opposing group which shows how much violence and deaths they are causing, but one of the Islamic groups, ISIS is also heavy fighting everyone.(Doc.D) Since ISIS appearance in 2012 and 2013, ISIS was group with an international profile and extremist view of Islamic rule. ISIS showed they'd attack any Syrian they didn't …show more content…

The Assad Regime had fought them which causes many casualties, they even sent soldiers in suppress the opposition forces so they would riot attack the regime, which made the rebels filter with even more anger. ISIS was also a huge cause of war in Syria, ISIS caused Syrians to fight on two fronts. They had two fight even more wars, because of ISIS. The Syrian rebels are there to stop Regime and ISIS from harming anymore civilians or innocent bystanders from being harmed in

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