Argumentative Essay: The Sudan Civil War

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Sudan Civil War
There is no such thing as a perfect society, and when countries strive to achieve this, nothing perfect is going to be produced. It is often shown in areas where one group of people believe that their way of living is of greater value than the others. The viewpoints a President and Vice President have based off of their religion, have the country of Sudan wrapped up in a civil war that could possibly be solved by the creation of a freedom of religion that would finally unite this country after war has erupted and casualties are countless.

Sudan, a third world country located on the eastern side of Africa, has struggled with the absence of peace and stability throughout its politics and religion for the past fifty years. …show more content…

The violence has erupted from each of these leader's different beliefs, and his different ethnic group. Kiir, a Dinka, believes much differently than Machar, a Nuer. The two men have formed their own armies that violently clash together, causing hundreds and even thousands of deaths. In an article regarding the corruption in South Sudan, “‘I just want peace so I can go back to school’”(Fortin New York Times). This quote came from a 19-year-old south Sudanese girl. After fleeing her home due to the violence, she and thousands of others are trapped at camps where civilians are supposedly held “safely”. Men and women live in constant fear at these camps, knowing that at any moment, the army of the opposing ethnicity could at any time come and raid their camp and murder hundreds of people. “South Sudan’s civil war is supposed to be over. In April, after more than two years of conflict that killed tens of thousands of people, the opposition leader, Riek Machar, returned to Juba with nearly 1,400 troops to resume his post as the vice president to his wartime rival, President Salva Kiir.”(Fortin New York Times). The troops are pouring in, and the hope for peace is leaving. It is pretty obvious that these two men won’t stop until the other gives up. With no respect for their country, these two men fight over small differences that are tearing their country apart and oppressing

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