Response To Conflict Essay

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People can best respond to conflict by staying positive because it affects their physical and mental health in a helpful way and can affect others around you in a positive way. It can help someone greatly in stressful situations when their life could be at risk. Positive thinking is one of the best ways to respond to conflict because it can affect your physical health in a constructive way. The Mayo Clinic Staff states that a positive attitude can, “Increase a person’s life span, can help them build up resistance to the common cold and cardiovascular disease, have better physical well-being, and better cardiovascular health”. Staying positive is somewhat crucial to a person’s health. Even though someone still can be healthy while maintaining …show more content…

When a person responds to conflict in a positive way, not only will it set an example for others, but will also share that positive mood with others and can help people resolve a conflict quicker. By resolving conflict with a positive or happy attitude will also help someone keep a good demeanor after the conflict is settled. Another way positive emotions can spread is through team sports. One example of this is, “Similar results have been found in team sports. When a team is upbeat, positive, and in an overall good mood, this spirit is transferred to individual players. Results also show that when teams are happier, the athletes on the team tend to play better” (Carter) Since emotions can be showed in many ways and spread very easily, other people can pick up emotions as fast as the person who developed them. If a team is doing bad, and a few members seem down, those emotions may spread to the rest of the team and would affect how they would play. More studies have been done and scientists have found out that “...happy people tend to be in the center of their social networks and that happiness branches out as they join together with other happy people. They report that each additional happy friend increases your probability of being happy by about 9 percent” (Carter). Friends hang out together mostly because they make each other happy and having more happy people around would make a person

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