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Building Strong Relationship with Positive Energy
Energy is defined as the capacity for work or the force that helps us do things with vitality and intensity.
This energy would be further classified into Negative or Positive;

Negative Positive
Negative, stressful work environments results in
- Physical fatigue
- Decreased optimism
- Lower morale Positive, work climate makes workers feel
- Uplifted
- Encouraged
- Empowered
Negative energy is fearful, judgmental, and depleting Positive energy is supportive, loving, and nurturing

Positive Energy
Positive energy can have a major influence on one’s morale and productivity. Encouragement, positive feedback, and other types of practices that create positive energy are important factors in improving interpersonal relationships. People usually feel good when their …show more content…

This helped me in building strong relationship with the colleagues and customer. I would like to share my experience that how I use the positive energy to build a relationships with the colleagues while I was working in an organization.
- Whenever I meet with colleague, like to smile.
- Buying extra cup of coffee for co-worker.
- Offer to cover a shift for a coworker who needs to leave early.
- Sit with someone who is eating alone

By keeping the positive energy, when i have a bad day, I will start my next day with thought that Today’s a new day — let’s get on with it.

Apart from professional life, in personal life as well positive energy helps in building effective relationships. Once I planned vacations time with my parents.

Positive energy can be obtained through Positive reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement, when used correctly to reward accomplishments, is a powerful motivator. The goal of positive reinforcement is to encourage productive behaviors. Positive reinforcement is a powerful

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