Psy 230 Week 3 Adjectives

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On planet earth, there are more than seven billion people. Each of these people are different in their own unique way. A person's personality defines them the most as a person. These traits dictate how we live our life and how other people get to know us as a person. The three adjectives my friends use to describe me are competitive, active and happy. My life is centered around these adjectives and they have defined me as a person. For as long as I can remember, I have always had to be first at everything. Anything from a bike ride to eating dinner with the family needs to be a race. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been motorcycles and played sports. I have logged countless hours on the motocross track competing to finish first. All of my hard work eventually paid off when I won the main event at the last race of the season. This competitiveness has been both a challenge and a gift. It drives me to be the best that I possibly can in school, sports or just day to day life. I cannot settle for anything but perfection. On the other hand, this proves to be a major barrier in friendships as it is a huge annoyance always having to deal with getting defeated by a friend. I never find myself happy knowing that …show more content…

My attributes of being active and competitive both help me feel happy all the time. This lets me give my all into everything I do. Many people say I cast a happy atmosphere onto everyone near me. Almost every day at work, I am always happy to be there and am always in a good mood. When most of my coworkers are tired and ready to go home, I have just happy to be there. They always tell me that whenever I come into the shop, that they can't believe how cheerful I am. I never walk around without a grin on my face. This is a tremendous influence on people and can really change the atmosphere of a room. Above all, I hope that I continue to express this emotion throughout my entire

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