What Does Cross Country Mean To You Essay

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Cross country is more than just a sport. Most people associate cross country with running, but there are other things that come to mind when I think of cross. Family, pasta parties, get togethers, overnights, and the most devoted teammates come to mind. My life has been changed by cross country in so many different ways. Since I joined the men's high school cross country team three years ago, I've picked up a ton of really valuable life skills. In life, not everything will go your way, not everyone will like you, and not every day will be a wonderful day, but you just have to get through it, is what I've learned. I've discovered only this year that I won't perform at my best in every event, but that's why we establish objectives. Cross country gave me the opportunity to meet the wonderful young men I now get to call my teammates, but they are more than just teammates. They are family. We share a connection that I've never known on any other team. We all get along, care about one another, and especially encourage one another to be our best selves. I've never felt so at peace with a bunch of guys, and I can definitely say that I can depend on my squad at all times. …show more content…

I can only make this claim since I've personally been impacted by it. I would frequently get caught up in the moment while doing this exciting sport. I was unaware of how much pursuing this sport has meant to me. I can revisit some of the important life lessons that cross country has taught. Cross country running teaches you to never give up. This might be something you pick up during practice or even a race. Learning to hold on and keep going, despite the intense pain, you'll be more likely to complete the same in the real world. Cross country is the ideal sport for building strength and building

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