Rodeo-Personal Narrative

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I had an awesome summer this year! My family and I spent lots of time with our relatives and doing fun activities. During the summer we rodeo, spent time with family, worked, went on vacation and just spent time with friends. Read below to find more about my exciting summer. Rodeo is something I do a lot in the summer. This summer was my first time getting to compete in high school rodeo. The reason I like rodeo is because you meet a lot of new friends who share your interests, getting to be with my favorite animal, competing, and getting to spend time with close friends and family. My favorite event is poles and barrels are my least favorite. The poles are a fun event because I have a really fast horse name Kuzco, and he’s really good at …show more content…

I enjoy doing cross country because the people I do it with. I like our coaches they are very positive and fun to be around you can always hear them cheering you on at the meets. I like my teammates they are always nice and also cheering you on at the meets. Cross country has taught me to be a better team mate and to relax and just have fun. Thanks to my sisters for persuading me to join the team! When I was younger, I was never a fan of camping. I did enjoy it when my cousin Jackson came and we would play with our toy horses and cows. Now that I’m older I enjoy it a lot more now. I enjoy the fact that most of my family is there and I get to see them and spend time with them. Jackson and I go on bike rides now or just spend time catching up if we aren’t out swimming. My grandpa Wally and grandma Linda have a boat so every time we go camping they will take us out and let us go tubing. I sometimes get scared doing that because Jackson enjoys trying to push me off. I really enjoy camping and I think more people should try it!
I really wish summer didn’t have to go so soon, but I’m looking forward for the other seasons too. Rodeo, open runs, and camping are some of my favorite things to do during the summer. I already can’t wait for summer to start again. Thanks for everyone who made my summer one to

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