Swat Club Research Paper

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Before I even stepped into my high school as an official freshman I knew I was going to be a part of my school one way or the other. I made it a goal to be a part of some type of extra-curricular project all four years. This goal I know I have succeeded in because I have been a part of the following extra- curricular projects: three years of SWAT club, four years of Raider Riot, and three varsity sports. All of these extra- curricular projects have made my high school career not only interesting but also made me a better person in the long run. One of the only clubs I was able to be a part of in high school was the SWAT club. SWAT stands for Students Working Against Tobacco and its one of the best clubs we have at my high school. This club was not only fun but also rewarding. We used different interesting tactics to remind high school students that tobacco is dangerous no matter what form it is in. Altogether this club reiterated many dangerous facts about tobacco but also helped club members find a …show more content…

Cross country and weightlifting were two extra sports I loved to be a part of because I got to meet new people and take part in an individual type sport. My main sport is softball. I have been a varsity captain all four years of my high school career and I also have gained many achievements through this sport. My varsity sports are my favorite extra- curricular projects. High school extra- curricular activities are not only important to students but also important to the high school in general. I have contributed to the following extra- curricular projects: three years of SWAT, four years of Raider Riot, three years of varsity Cross Country, four years of varsity Weightlifting, and four years of varsity Softball. I completed my goal of being a part of my high school in any ways possible and if I had to do it again I would do the same

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