Sophomore Essays

  • Personal Narrative: My Sophomore Year In High School

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    A time I faced my biggest challenge was halfway into my sophomore year in high school. Up until then I was pretty healthy, but not obsessed with being overly healthy. I did everything any typical high schooler did. I stayed up late, got up early, went out on the weekends, but never to big parties. I never did anything that I knew would harm my health, so I wasn’t exactly like most high schoolers. About twice a year my youth group did a lock-in, which is basically a bunch of high schoolers pulling

  • Essay On Sophomore Year

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    Sophomore year was a strenuous year for me. Everything was just going off track. It was my first year in a new school, and my mom lost her job a couple months prior. Being at a new school made it suitable to have the same clothes from last year. Trying to make new friends when everyone already knew each other was a laborious task. I was the ultimate outcast. Plus, my face wasn’t the happiest so no one really approached me. The first day was really lonely. I remember texting my best friend from my

  • Ean Injury Reference Letter

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    To Whom It May Concern, It is my privilege to write this recommendation for Ean Patry. I have been very fortunate to coach Ean on the Thornton Academy varsity lacrosse team over the past two seasons. As the goalie coach I have been able to get to know Ean from not just coaching standpoint but as a personal one too; and all my interactions with him he has shown what type of person he really is. Ean has shown that he is a young man of intelligence, character, talent and leadership. Ean now a junior

  • Personal Narrative: Friday Night Lights

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    freshman and sophomores combined. I was tossed around a lot during the year. Switching position on offense and defense. But overall, it was so much fun because we played so well, and got along while doing it. But when the season was over, it was time to move on. When we had our meeting for the upcoming season of football, our coach told us that we were going to be moving down to 2A football because our numbers were going to me so much lower, which also meant that the upcoming sophomores were going

  • Personal Narrative: Ultimate Frisbee

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    well. However, as an underclassman, I played on the junior varsity team, and captained it my sophomore year. As a captain, I knew my team’s potential and led them to the number two seed in the annual Division II cities tournament. However, despite having a talented roster, crucial losses put us in fifth place. I went home that day feeling like I had let down the entire program. After a depressing sophomore year, I was determined to make my mark on this program. Since our varsity roster had lost fourteen

  • Freshman Year Research Paper

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    how terrified, clueless and lost we felt during our freshman year of high school. By the time sophomore year rolls around, you have a decent amount of friends, you know where your homeroom is, and you 're pretty much used to everything the school has to offer. During my freshman year, I felt the most typical emotions a freshman would feel from starting a new school. Similarly, in the beginning of my sophomore year, I experienced some of the same emotions as a result of transferring to a new school.

  • Personal Narrative: My Growths And Strengths

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    It’s almost the end of my sophomore year and I know Ii didn't do well this school year. I went through a lot but I’m proud of myself for another school year almost done. This year I’ve realize that Ii need to try more and focus better. Although it wasn't my best school year I did achieve some growths and strengths. At the beginning of the year I was disappointed in myself for retaking math. I also knew that I most likely wouldn't fit in with the kids in the class that mess around or make bad decisions

  • Personal Narrative: A Camp That Changed My Life

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    I have become a dedicated member to a lot of different activities and have held an officer position in each since sophomore year. Through these groups I have, completed multiple different community service projects including out of state service trips, planned a childhood cancer awareness night, and even started a National Honor Society Relay for Life team. I have become

  • Reflective Essay: Hard To Win On A Varsity Team

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    After having to play last string my freshman year and then held back from playing on the varsity team my sophomore year, I felt like clouds had finally parted when I received a starting spot on the varsity team my 11th grade year. I was overcome with joy and content because I felt like all of my hard work had finally paid off, but in one failed swoop I had lost everything I spent the past two years working toward. This was the biggest obstacle I have ever faced because I had to get back everything

  • Personal Narrative: How I Graduated High School

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    that was the story of my life in my senior year of high school. To me, high school wasn’t about learning and doing school work, it was more about hanging out with friends and living a life of leisure and free time. Needless to say, by the end of my sophomore year, everything changed and I learned things the hard way. Getting your responsibilities out of the way, and taken care of is always better done soon rather than later. Waiting only adds pressure on yourself and gives you less time to get your job

  • Academic Accomplishment Essay

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    Academic Accomplishment A great academic accomplishment to for me in high school was passing the AP U.S. History exam during my junior year. I am proud of this achievement because I was one of the only for out of about 35 kids that passed the exam. I studied very hard two months before the test and I am glad to say that it really payed off. Passing the exam also, in a way, gave me confidence because I thought I had no chance in passing the exam. Since only four people passed the exam, we got the

  • Personal Narrative: How Concussion Changed My Life

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    People only judge on what they see on the outside. If they can’t see your illness, to them it doesn’t exist. You sit in silence as you hear the whispers and you see the odd looks, but you smile and go with life anyway. I was thirteen when the biggest battle of my life began, pain. In August, 2012, I was going on with life as usual. Not knowing a hit on the head will change my life for the next few years. Looking back at the time when my concussion was at its worse, I don’t remember much. I was

  • Personal Narrative: My High School Lacrosse Team

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    excluded. I learned this the hard way my sophomore year. This is a story about my high school lacrosse team. Most of my friends are on the team so we’ve become very close after playing together since the seventh grade. We play lacrosse in the backyard almost everytime we’re together. I’ll admit it, I’m not the best player on my team. And as we all know, there’s only so many spots for the varsity team. So in no way did I expect to make varsity as a sophomore. However, I didn’t expect my friends too

  • Personal Narrative: My Love For High School

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    All of my high school years i 've wanted to be remembered and leave an impact on this school. I wanted to be involved and try my hardest in everything I do, and excel even more. I love this school and would not want to graduate from anywhere else, continuing my family tradition. I have been a participant in track, show choir and also band. My love for show choir is something I can not explain. It gives me a feeling of confidence and pride. I give my all to singing and dancing and making sure to

  • Reaction Paper Color Guard

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    An experience in my life that was an achievement was me becoming the captain of the Color guard team and holding that position since my freshman and sophomore year. (It not only accomplished getting over certain fear, but it helped me become a better performer whether on an academic level or something extra.) For one thing, An experience in my life that I feel that has been very meaningful to me so far is my achievement with color guard. I began Color Guard my freshman year at Fort Pierce

  • Adversity: The Greatest Failure In My Life

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    Honestly, the biggest failure that I had to deal with in my life was being benched last year for high school soccer. I tried out for soccer my freshman year and didn 't make it, so I tried out again my sophomore year and have been on the team ever since. During my sophomore year, I played on the junior varsity team. My junior year I started out on the junior varsity team again and then got moved up to the varsity team. I always worked my hardest at practice and put in work outside of what was required

  • Personal Narrative-My Mock Trial Team

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    Trial team has only ever won one match, and that was because the other team was a no show. At crew regattas my boat usually places in the bottom 35%. I lost five consecutive student council elections in high school. Alas, I’m not a total loser. My sophomore year I went undefeated in my cross country league. Happily I did eventually win the Student Council Presidency my senior year. But on the whole, I wouldn’t bet on me to win anything. I consider myself as an experienced loser. I am not ashamed of

  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Season At Columbus High School

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    team. I came into it being very nervous because none of the coaches had seen me play much before hand. The first practice went very well and I was looking very good. The next few practices went by and finally it was time to pick the teams freshman, sophomore, junior varsity, and varsity. They named all of the names on each team and said if your named was not said stay here. So I was just expecting to get called on junior varsity and go home pretty happy, but they didn 't call my name. I was so excited

  • Good Life Definition Essay

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    What is the definition of a good life? There are so many different views and variations on what a person considers to be a good life, there is no set definition. Everyone has different experiences and opinions that contribute to a life thought to be well lived.  Life is valuable and everyone’s experiences are uniquely different based on a lot of characteristics. Many people believe that personal belongings and possessions give them happiness. Every year people spend millions of dollars buying materials

  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In The United States

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    have to learn everything about their culture. Sport in the U.S is very bigand popularto most people, so I startedto learn about them more and I started havinginterest withbasketball;basketball was my identity and connection to others. But during my sophomore year in high school, everything didn’tseem togo the way I wantedto be.And it was because of the injury I had, my life completely change since. This long story begins with a goal that I made for myselfduring my freshman year in high school; I