Pole Vaulting Personal Statement

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Every person becomes discouraged at some point in their life. They become consumed with frustration and feel as though all hope is lost. My story of discouragement begins at the start of my junior year track season. I had made so many improvements since the previous season and knew I had the potential to be the best in the state. However, the first few track meets of the season this did show at all. For some reason I could not put it all together in the competition setting and ended up not clearing any bar the two first meets in a row. I felt like giving up, I had put my heart and soul into this and was not getting anywhere near the results I had expected. Even though I was at my lowest point I knew I loved the sport far too much to ever quit, …show more content…

My gymnastics background enabled me to pick up pole vaulting very quickly. I trained year round and improved greatly from my freshman to my sophomore year. However, the height I had achieved my sophomore year was not impressive enough for college level pole vaulting. If I wanted to continue my track career in college I knew I would have to increase my training level and make improvements. Junior year is the year that colleges look at the most. Knowing this I pushed myself to my limit pre track season; I worked harder than I have before in the sport and made incredible improvements. Once track season started I was so eager to show the world what I was capable of. The first few competitions were both fairy large and very important. I went into both competitions excited and motivated only to walk away frustrated and disappointed. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong while I was vaulting went wrong. “Why me?” I asked myself. I had been working harder than anybody else I knew; I trained all year long, I would stay an hour longer at practice than my other teammates, and I would even have double practices a few times a week (one at school and one with my club coach). I was so discouraged, not just one meet but two meets in a row I was unable to clear any

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