Personal Narrative: My Trip To Houston Texas AAU National Junior Olympics

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There we were, in Houston Texas, Dejah, Aniya, and I were warming up, practicing handoffs in tent city. We had made it to the Houston Texas AAU National Junior Olympics. It was No Limits Track Club’s second to last day on our eight day trip. It was the most competitive day of them all. It was time for the four by one hundred meter relay. With my relay team stretched,warmed up, and ready to go, we headed towards the stadium where we would race against the fastest girls in the nation. Intimidated but not deterred we headed out of Tent City and into the gates of Turner Stadium. Knowing this was my last race I would run with my close friends and relay team, being it 's the last race of the season and we all weren’t going to be in the same age group next year, I had a whole new mind set. I was constantly thinking, “we have to make top ten because we can make top ten.” “We have the times, we have the strength, we have the speed, we just need to have the guts to walk in there like we are going to shred the track into pieces. …show more content…

Forty eight seconds to show who we are, what we came to do, and what we are made of. Being sophomores and juniors we have to think about all of the college scouts that will be there, looking at our time splits and hoping we will get a call, a letter, or even an email asking for us to run track and field at their college. This is an important day. Not just for me, not just for my relay team, but for every single athlete here. This is the type of event that will put your name out there and help you find the college of your dreams. No pressure, huh? More like, more pressure than you can believe possible for four fifteen and sixteen year old

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