Compare And Contrast Mcrabar Usa And The Boys In The Boat

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Sports are both physically and mentally demanding. In order to succeed one must work hard and learn to develop a trusting relationship with teammates, coaches, and with themselves. Winning is not always easy, yet it can be attained with a strong work ethic and the determination to never give up. The movie, “McFarland, USA,” and the story of the Washington Crew’s journey to win Olympic gold in “The Boys in the Boat” both exclaim how hard work and determination create success in sports. The Washington Crew’s journey to win Olympic gold and the McFarland Cross Country Team’s quest to win the State Championship have many similar ideas of what it takes to succeed. Both Washington and McFarland struggled early on when they are striving to achieve …show more content…

While it is the final event that determines the outcome of the season as a whole, hard work is what gives each athlete a chance to earn the honor of being a champion. Both the boys from McFarland and the boys on the crew at Washington are the epitome of a hard working team. Each of these teams had a goal and they pushed themselves harder than any other team in order to succeed. An example that occurs in “McFarland, USA” is when Coach White is training his boys to run uphill. None of the boys had ever experienced this obstacle prior to their first race and it proved to be a weakness of the McFarland Cross Country Team. White pushed his boys to conquer the hills because he knew that once they had mastered this skill they would be the best team in the state. They boys worked long and hard running up and down the small “hills” only to find that their hard work would later be rewarded. At the State Championship when others teams seemed to fatigue, it was McFarland who conquered the hills and won the race. Their long hours of training had paid off and they brought the championship back to McFarland for the first time. Joe Rantz and the rest of the crew at Washington also continued this trend of hard work. These boys trained any day they could get on Lake Washington. Day in and day out they were on the water working hard despite whatever the brutal Washington weather had in …show more content…

The boys in “McFarland, USA” all have similar backgrounds; they are Mexican-Americans who pick fields in the morning, run to school, and head back to the fields to pick again in the evenings. Because these boys come from similar backgrounds, they already had an established bond that existed even before first joined the cross country team. The only person who did not share this bond with the boys was Coach White. White worked to build a relationship with the boys and establish trust with them, which proved to be a huge advantage for McFarland. Once White earned the trust of his team, they all rallied together to achieve their goal. Each of the boys knew that they all had a role on the team and that it was going to take all of them in order to succeed. Since the boys had a preexisting bond with each other, all they had to work on was their physical and mental skills. They did not have to learn to get along with each other or compete against one another. They all came from similar backgrounds and they knew that in order to succeed each of them was going to need to trust Coach White and be devoted to winning as a

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