Jamie Burns The American Persuasive Speech

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Canberra Stadium- Jamie Burns, a self-trained athlete wins the 10k Miracle Mile Race on August, 28, 1993, just after the Rugby Union Games. Due to his success, Burns is capable of competing in the States next summer. “My dream was to have a chance to compete in America, and this Mumu Bottle is my ticket,” says Burns.
Yesterday afternoon, Burns found his way to participate in the 18th annual Miracle Mile 10k Race for the first time. Burns, a 21-years old, competitive runner, set a brisk pace at first and took the led half a kilometer into the race as he breezed to a first- place finish in 33 minutes and 17 seconds, beating national winner James Warlock by 3.2 seconds. “Ha, beginner’s luck, I’ll get him someday”, said James Warlock.
“All I had
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