The Crucible Persuasive Speech

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Suspect is 5 feet 10 inches, approximately 160 pounds. He’s being charged for breaking and entering as well as murder. The suspect admitted to doing so after the police came to his door in suspicion of foul play. He screamed in a fit of rage as he screamed “Villains, dissemble no more! I admit the deed! - tear up the planks! -here, here! - it is the beating of his hideous heart.” Such rash actions have cause for some suspicion about the well-being of his mental state. I, mental doctor Thaddaeus Smith have been given the job of undergoing his psychiatric evaluation. “He certainly seemed crazy to me.” Said Officer Williams. “We prefer to use the term mentally ill,” I replied. Officer Williams rolled his eyes and continued. “He was just going on and on in his conversation after he let us in. He kept getting louder and louder until he had a terrifying dramatic outburst.” “That’s when he admitted to the crime. He said he loved the victim, but despised his said vulture eye. I has been revealed that the victim had cataracts. I don’t know where he got the vulture eye from. He said that he saw the eye, which severely angered him and out of a fit of rage, smothered the victim in his …show more content…

I saw the jury sitting at a long table. “Good morning,” I said nervously. “Today I am here to speak with you about the current situation of the suspect’s mental health. The suspect has had violent outbursts, and even believed hallucination. I believe that this man is not well. He shouldn’t be held responsible for the crimes he committed, and most of all, he needs help. “I don’t believe a word you’re saying,” a stubborn old man replied. “You don’t understand!” I exclaimed. This man needs help and your planning to lock him up somewhere he doesn’t belong?” “No. He does belong there. That man is dangerous,” the man replied. “Have some compassion for the man!” I yelled. The man gave me a dirty look and walked

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