Mr Smith Deception

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Sanely Guilty - Indeed There has been a tragic death befall this town - the murder of Mr. Johnson - and today, the task at hand for the judge and jury is to decide the state of mind of Mr. Smith at the time of the murder of Mr. Johnson. There is absolutely no question that Mr. Smith murdered Mr. Johnson; Mr. Smith admitted to two policers: “I admit the deed!” (61). Mr. Smith further directed the police officers to the location of the body when he demanded they “ . . . tear up the planks! Here, here! - it is the beating of his [Mr. Johnson’s] hideous heart!” (61). There is no doubt that Mr. Smith killed Mr. Johnson, dismembered the body, hid the body underneath the floorboards of the living, and then proceeded to act like nothing had happened. …show more content…

To start, Mr. Smith can distinguish fantasy from reality. On page 55, Mr. Smith clearly explains that he has a “disease” and that “disease” has “sharpened his senses.” It is not clear what disease he has, but he is forthright and truthful in admitting he has a disease which supports that fact the Mr. Smith is aware of reality. In addition to his understanding and knowledge of his own disease, Mr. Smith is completely aware of time - realistic time. He could clearly tell time and could keep up with time as any sane human being can. He noted on page 56 that he, Mr. Smith, opened Mr. Johnson’s door for seven nights, each night around midnight. On one of those nights, the eighth night, Mr. Johnson awoke, and Mr. Smith “kept quite still and said nothing. For a whole hour . . .” (57). Mr. Smith was well aware of time and of reality. He chose his time carefully when murdering Mr. Johnson at wee hours of the morning so as not to be caught. In addition to being well aware of the time, Mr. Smith was well aware of right and

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