Why Did Frank Jones Decide To Kill Moore's?

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Over 100 years ago the Town of Villisca, Iowa experienced a mass murder like no other. This would leave everyone questioning who did it forever. Still, with all that has gone on in the horrible murder, they have not found the person who committed this terrible crime. On June 10th, 1912 all the neighbors, family, and friends of the 8 people who were brutally murdered with an ax had their lives change forever with no explanation. Frank Jones hired William Mansfield to kill the Moore’s because he had a known hate for Joe, he knew about their house and them personally, and he was too old to go and kill 8. First off, June 9th, 1912 becomes the last night the Moore’s and their children would ever be able to go to church. On that evening, the Moore’s …show more content…

Who better than well-known serial killer William Mansfield. Frank Jones obviously had the motive and hate to murder the whole Moore family and then 2 more, but with his age, he couldn’t do it so he had to get someone to do it for him.Therefore, Frank Jones and William Mansfield obviously conspired to perform this act of terror and tragedy by killing the Moore’s. Dr. Bryon Hall states, “No relative killed the Moore’s and two Stillinger girls.” William had also been thought to kill his wife, child, and mother and father in law just 2 years after the Villisca murders. Him being known as a cocaine addict and serial killer contributed. He was put in a mental hospital before, so something isn’t right with him. No sign was found of the murderer’s whereabouts after the killing and that would make sense because Mansfield wasn’t from Iowa. Meanwhile, 5 days before the murders 2 other people were killed in Kansas with an ax. They never found the killer either. It said that Mansfield saw the Stillinger girls at their Sunday school performance earlier that day. That would mean he would know of the Stillinger girls even before he went on to brutally murder them with an ax. To sum it all up, there happened to be nobody that the facts point to more than

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