Insanity In George Orwell's The Death Of Mr. Smith

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“I was never kinder to the man the week before I killed him.” (56). “He had the eye of a vulture that made my blood run cold.” (55). Mr.Smith was all over the place from his disease so he was far from sane. The definition of insane is what Mr.Smith was. Insanity is not being able to decipher fantasy and reality, is a subject to uncontrollable behavior, or not being able to manage your own affairs. Mr.Smith didn’t know what was real, how to control himself, and he didn’t know right from wrong as you will learn. Starting off, Mr.Smith couldn’t distinguish fantasy from reality. As Mr. Smith states on page 55,”I heard all things in heaven and in hell.” He cannot hear what is happening unless he was there. So Mr.Smith was experiencing a fantasy. Next he says “death in approaching him, had stalked with his black shadow, before him, and enveloped the victim.” (57). He thinks that death is a living thing and that it is watching Mr.Johnson. Mr.Smith was not admitting that he was planning it but that it was death itself. After Mr.Smith commits the murder he starts hearing things. ‘“Villains!” I shrieked. “Dissemble no more! I admit the deed!-tear up the planks! Here! Here!- It is the beating of his hideous heart!” (61). Mr.Smith is thinking he can hear the beating …show more content…

“I must scream or die! And now-again!-hark! Louder! Louder! Louder! Louder! (61). Mr.smith knew what he did was wrong but he still did it because of the man's eye. Mr.Smith was being questioned by the police and he couldn't take it anymore.On page 57, he says “I knew what the old man felt I pitted him, although I chuckled at heart.” Mr.smith couldn't control his emotions and he was being rude towards Mr.Johnson and laughing at the murder he commited. Mr.Smith knew what he did was wrong, but it didn't change the fact that what he did was unnecessary and insane. Finally, He needs to work on how to understand what is happening and control

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