The Longest Run-Personal Narrative

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As I enter school the next morning, I spot Haze right inside the door waiting for me. “Hey Wes, nice job in practice yesterday. I can see that you’re becoming better in your running. Plus it was the longest run we have done so far, and probably will be doing all year.” Like usual, I don’t know how to respond to Haze, I don’t think that I’m a good runner, but she always continues to encourage me. “Thanks, Haze. I don’t feel like I’m getting any better. Even though I did stop 3 times, I guess it really was a longer run. .” “Yeah I’m sure that once we take a shorter run, you will do better, and hopefully be able to notice the progress you are making.” “Okay, I sure hope so too.” The rest of the day flies by very fast. As the end of the

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