Negative Effects Of Professional Sports

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Do Professional Sports Have a Negative Effect On Human Rights? On the surface sports is a wonderful thing; it offers people a chance to realize their dream of becoming a professional athlete as well as relish in the money and fame that follows, it also offers an escape wh ere people can relax and enjoy the spectacle that is sports. However underneath the glitz and glamour there is a dark side to professional sports that people do not often get to see. In the world of professional sports human rights are neglected. After Qatar was announced as the 2020 FIFA World Cup host they had the construction of several state of the art stadiums underway. In order for them to accomplish their goals of building these stadiums they have hired hundreds of migrant workers from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well as hiring some local workers. Though, by choosing to work on building the stadiums, their basic human rights are being neglected. For example Article 22, “the right to social security”, of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "We all have the right to affordable housing, medicine, education, and child care, enough money to live on and medical help if we are ill or old.” However the workers are earning 45 pence an hour, this is equivalent to 68 cents an hour. Not only are they underpaid but they are also subject to poor and dangerous living and working conditions. A report that was released in March 2014 by the International Trade Union Confederation says

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