The Pros And Cons Of College Athletes

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You find one prime example of this when looking into the University of North Carolina academic scandal. The university was more concerned about making sure the athletes were eligible to play and would be able to represent the school. In an Article about the case,U.S Justice Department Official, Kenneth Wainstein stated the “office administrator Deborah Crowder typically handed out assignments then high grades after only a scan of the work” (Ganim and Sayers). In the report done by CNN written by Sara Ganim and Devon Sayers, they discuss the University of North Carolina offering “paper classes” and how “advisers funneled athletes into the program to keep them eligible.” (Ganim and Sayers) This scandal stained the University of North Carolina 's reputation and instead, brought in poor publicity. Too many coaches are permitting their players to skate through their schooling. A Sports Illustrated Article “ College athletes already have advantages and shouldn’t be paid” Written by Paul Daugherty discusses the many advantages athletes have compared to other non athletes. Daugherty makes a point of stating “You will have tutors and study tables. You will have coaches who assign managers to act as human alarm clocks, in the off chance you …show more content…

College athletes are “potential professional athletes, not professional athletes. Being that they are not professional athletes is one reason many people believe that they do not deserve to be paid. According to (Zimbalist) A key point as to why the NCAA would not want to pay athletes is to maintain the amature status of its reputaion. In the U.S News and World report, Andrew Zimbalist provides a definition of amature as “someone who engages in the activity for fun, not for remuneration”. (Zimbalist) No one is making the students play a specific sport, they chose to because they enjoy the activity. If the NCAA chose to change their rules and decide to pay athletes, the next question is, is it

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