How Do Professional Athletes Affect Society

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Research Paper Professional athletes have a tremendous influence on youth and society, largely because almost everyone looks up to them from toddlers to senior citizens, but in one way or another; everyone is influenced by professional athletes. Some think that athletes should be able to live their lives however they please, not worrying about how their actions may affect other people; however, it is important for athletes to understand that many people are watching them and that their actions do have large impacts on society. Professional athletes’ image affects today’s society and youth because they influence drug use, attitude on and off the field, and contribution to the community. Not only can athletes jeopardize their careers with drug use, but in doing so, they also send a message to youth and society that using drugs is okay. “But athletes themselves must put forth the physical effort of training and practice—they must still build their skills even in the murky area of legal and illegal drug use” (Jenkins D11). Some professional athletes try to find loopholes and ways around illegal drug use to enhance their …show more content…

"But over 120 of our clients established scholarship funds or retrofitted athletic equipment or helped their church or Boy’s and Girl’s Club at the community they grew up in" (Steinberg). Athletes leave a positive influence on the society when they commit actions like this because it shows their humble and caring side. "They retrace their roots. A number of players like Troy Aikman and Eric Karros at UCLA, Edgerrin James at U of Miami, Kerry Collins at Penn St, have endowed scholarships at their colleges–setting an example for younger players and staying linked to that college community" (Steinberg). These professional athletes help pave a way for future athletes, and also set an example for not only young players, but also society in

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