Lance Armstrong Doping Essay

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Historical Over the centuries of Olympic Games and high performance sporting events there has been many cases of doping, but there has been none as long running and well-hidden as Lance Armstrong’s doping case which has had a major impact on drug in sport. Lance Armstrong was seen as the world’s best road cyclist, winning the Tour De France seven consecutive times from 1999-2005. However from his first win in 1999 there had been allegations that he was using drugs to enhance his perform and win the Tour De France, but every one of these allegations was denied with Lance Armstrong saying that “He (Michael Ferrari, his training at the time) had never suggested, prescribed or provided me with any performance-enhancing drugs.” (18) His training…show more content…
The history of drugs in sport is one of the main impacting factors on its impact within society because it is through the history that many other aspects such as the economy have been impacted. The use of drugs in sport by athletes such as Lance Armstrong throughout the history of high performance sport has meant that with every new method of testing that the world anti-doping agency is coming out with, there are people coming out with ways for their athletes to undetectably dope. This has meant that because athletes have seen other athletes such as Lance Armstrong get away with doping for so many years, they believe that they too can easily get away with in, therefore creating an increase in the use of drug in sport. Between 2012 and 2013 there was a 20% increase in the positive testing to drugs by both Olympic and non-Olympic sport. This is a dramatic increase because of the fact that there was only an increase of 0.8% in the amount of drug testing preformed (14). Therefore this is showing that the history that drugs have in sport is not deterring athletes from using performance enhancing drugs but instead influencing athletes to take part in doping because they have seen that without the use of technology to get away with doping, athletes were able to get away with using these
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