Should Student Athletes Get Drug Testing Essay

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All athletes should be required to take a drug test. Drugs are prohibited for use to athletes. Playing sports is a privilege. Using drugs is a violation of the athletic program. Students should be tested for all drugs in there system. That's why I think athletes should be required to take a drug test before playing a sport. If a student is really interested in that sport he or she will try to maintain being healthy. Drugs are very dangerous and if the student is playing a sport this may cause them to stop trying hard. Also over the years drugs can affect your immune and you skeletal system. An example of a drug that does this is steroids. Many professional football players that are now old have many health problems due to the drugs that they took when they were young. Many get brain injuries and some have died. It's not fair for a student to waste his or her life like many of these professional athletes. Staying away from drugs is just the best way, and getting drug tested is only going to help student athletes. I believe that school officials should start testing more …show more content…

My point is that engaging in drugs while participating in sports can be very dangerous. Drug testing should be mandatory for athletes for their safety. The reason for drug testing are; teams depend on their teammates to always be available, drugs can change your athletic abilities, and students join sport teams as a positive activity to avoid getting into trouble and the presence of drugs in sports defeats the goal. I personally know how it feels to be on a team with others who use drugs. They practically “slow-down” the team. You can’t always count on them, and they can become aggressive and unpleasant to be around. In addition, you can get pressured to use the drugs along with them. Even though some people may think randomly testing everyone under no suspicion is an invasion of

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