Speech On Drugs In Sports

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Title: Drugs in sports

Drugs have become an integral part of any modern day sporting event. Drugs give an unfair advantage to the user and the competitors that are using enhancements are not using their own full abilities to win the Olympic medal or championship. This makes it unfair to other competitors that are not using a drug or other enhancements to compete. Athletes like Lance Armstrong and Nadzeya Ostapchuk not only give sportsmen and women a bad reputation but influence the way the public think about sports and run the risk of addiction and long-term health issues. Such as liver failure and development of breasts.

Being branded a cheat has a negative impact on not only on your career, but it also affects the individual. This is because of the public 's view of athletes as a sports people changes when they are caught cheating. Arguably being stripped of your Olympic medals has a huge effect on your personal emotions and can cause long-term psychological damage. For example,Lance Armstrong was stripped of the 7 biking titles he won as he was under the influence of performance drugs when he raced and to date has not been allowed to race again. We need to educate the athletes so that they understand that there are long-term impacts from taking performance enhancing drugs. Not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Another example of a negative impact of being branded a drug cheat is when

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