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  • Steroids In Sports

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    THE EFFECTS OF STEROIDS ON STUDENTS THAT PLAY SPORTS AT HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL 1. RESEARCH PROPOSAL RESEARCH QUESTION What health effects do steroids have on high school students that play sports? HYPOTHESIS Students that use steroids for high school sports have an improved performance but experience negative health effects on their bodies. 2. MOTIVATION OF RESEARCH This area of research affects all students that partake in sporting activities in high school. Sports competitions are increasingly

  • Should Anabolic Steroids Be Banned

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    The performance enhancing drugs particularly anabolic steroids have become increasingly common in competitive sport. Even though the performance enhancing drugs have been banned by all major sports organizations including the Olympics, FIFA, and NFL. The World Anti-Doping Agency has introduced very strict rules and penalties for participants who are caught using performance-enhancing drugs. However the industry keeps finding a way to produce more sophisticated performance enhancing drugs, so tests

  • Anadrol 50: Anabolic Steroids

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    Anadrol 50 or its scientific name is oxymetholone, is an oral steroid that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1997. It is a highly effective anabolic, and androgenic drug, It’s more commonly called an anabolic steroid, which means that it affects the growth of human muscle tissue. This muscle growth is due to the amount of testosterone that’s in the drug which allows the muscles to expand rapidly when combined with exercise, and a high protein diet for maximum effectiveness. Bodybuilders

  • Steroids Persuasive Speech

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    I am writing to you with all due respect under the terms of steroid use. I am aware that you think steroids should be legal. In 1994 1,084,000 people said to have taken anabolic steroids. Steroids are taken by athletes everywhere in lots of different forms. There are injections, pills, and topical creams and different types of drugs such as anabolic steroids; which are the most popular. Anabolic steroids are a simulation of testosterone, which helps you produce more protein to let you heal faster

  • Anabolic Steroid Analysis

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    The term steroids are normally associated with drugs that are used to treat many medical conditions. Steroids do have many medical purposes, such as, maintaining sexual characteristics in males following them having surgery for testicular cancer and the loss of muscle tissue. They are also used to increase muscle mass, bone mass, inflammation, and other medical conditions. ( 2014) Anabolic steroids, which mean use of something that causes a building of tissue, are a class of synthetic

  • Final Assignment: Ergogenic Aid And Steroids

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    Final Assignment: Ergogenic Aid and Steroids Michelle Stehlin Professor Russo SPHE 314 01/20/2018 Final Assignment: Ergogenic Aid and Steroids Introduction Athletes are considered people who were born with a talent, but what if that talent was due to drugs? Of course, not weed, heroin, or those types of drugs but

  • Persuasive Essay Against Steroids

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    today with a proposal, which will improve and revolutionized the sports world. I propose for performance enhancing drugs to be allowed in professional sports. Steroids and other illicit performance enhancing drugs have become the biggest scourge of professional sports leagues, and that’s why it is time they were made legal. PED’s or steroids became a problem around the early 1940’s and since then no one has been able to stop them. They started being used by the USSR for the Olympic Games and at the

  • Why Do Steroids Be Banned Essay

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    and run anyone or anything; being built and muscular, the best on the team. Now imagine losing a career, everything ever worked hard for. These are two outcomes of these addictive drugs called steroids. This is a common problem that happens in every sport, and can happen to anyone who takes these, but steroids can become very addictive and could potentially hurt athletes career and health. Even if allowed by sports, it is still a bad thing to do. Performance enhancing substances can potentially cause

  • Steroids Research Paper

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    Shehab English/ Essay 15/4/2017 Steroid Use A steroid is an organic compound with four rings arranged in a specific molecular configuration. Steroids are often used by sports men, like footballers, basketball players, wrestlers and body builders, body builders are people who need steroids to build up their muscles, many Olympics athletes use steroids to cheat in cretin games like swimming, football and others. “There are guys in the game only because of steroids. They couldn't make it with their

  • Steroids Should Be Banned

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    Doping is using drugs also known more commonly as illegal steroids in sports or competitions. Doping has been banned in baseball since 1991 but testing was not administered for bigger players until 2003. Common drugs used are Anabolic steroids, human growth hormones, and Androstenedione. Drugs like this allow the person using it to train hard and recover faster while also building more muscle although the use of these drugs all have side effects and many can even be fatal. Many people despite the

  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Steroids In Sports

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    Just like any drug steroids have a positive and negative influence on the body in sports. Steroids of this kind are called Anabolic Steroids. Steroids have been around since the early 1930s since then steroids have been common to The Olympics and professional sports. Just After World War II steroids started to increase and be taken into sports. It became many athletes daily routine to dope up before a game. It use to be that steroids never had positive effects on the body now today we find that

  • Why Do Athletes Use Steroids

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    them feel and do better on the field or on the court. Many of athletes began using steroids in the late twentieth century. Many athletes have been banned from playing the sport that they love. Most of the major sports have made rules for using or having possession with drugs. Athletes want to make themselves better, but don’t actually want to work to gain muscle mass the right way, so this is why they take steroids. “Drugs used in sports seem like a modern problem, Athletes use drugs and other

  • Steroids Should Not Be Allowed In Sports Essay

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    Anabolic steroids: They build muscle and increase endurance. They are used mostly by football players and weightlifters. Over three million Americans abuse anabolic steroids and 10 percent of them are teenagers. Human Growth Hormones: This type of drug is supposed to gain muscle mass and performance while

  • Health Effects Of Steroids In High School Sports

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    RESEARCH TOPIC: THE EFFECTS OF STEROIDS ON STUDENTS THAT PLAY SPORTS AT HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL 1. RESEARCH PROPOSAL RESEARCH QUESTION What health effects do steroids have on high school students that play sports? HYPOTHESIS Students that use steroids for high school sports have an improved performance but experience negative health effects on their bodies. 2. MOTIVATION OF RESEARCH This area of research affects all students that partake in sporting activities in high school. Sports competitions

  • Why Do Americans Use Steroids In Sports

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    80’s through early 2000’s can be described as the “Steroid Era”, in which many athletes were caught using performance-enhancing drugs that resulted in higher offensive performance, especially the number of home runs per season. As professional baseball is getting more and more competitive many athletes look to unethical ways to gain physical advantages over other players by taking steroids. For instance, Mark Mcgwire admitted to using steroids and had a phenomenal increase in offensive statistics

  • Using Anabolic Steroids In High School Sports

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    In high school many students face pressure and want to do best while under that pressure. In some cases for those students the pressure they can face can be playing exceptionally well in a sport atmosphere. Students can then turn to Anabolic steroids to help gain muscle and endurance fast while out competing with their peers.The use of drug enhancements in high schools give players an unfair advantage opposed to the students who work hard naturally with zero supplements. Being compared to your peers

  • Why Do Athletes Use Anabolic Steroids

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    In our world today, scientists invent new enhancing drugs that affect our athletes. Athletes shouldn't be allowed to use enhancement drugs for their benefit because they put their own lives' at risk, affect our future generations, and cheat in the spirit of the sport. Some athletes illegally inject or intake illegal supplements to their body for their own benefit. Athletes would do anything to be the fastest and strongest runner, swimmer, or football player. As Nishan Guha in his article, "Growth

  • Steroids In Professional Sports

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    then you see someone take steroids? That wouldn’t make you feel good about yourself. One of the biggest problems in professional sports is that athletes take performance enhancing substances or drugs to make themselves better. People must realize that this is wrong and athletes should not be proud of taking the drugs and doing good for themselves. Performance enhancing substances

  • Steroids In Sports Essay

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    first place is steroids so the athlete takes them. The race takes place and the athlete who took steroids ends up in first place, whereas the honest and virtuous athlete ends up taking second place. Due to all the success steroids

  • Taking Drugs In Sports

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    Anabolic steroids was created to be undetectable by current drug tests and they made without approved by medical doctor. The word ‘anabolic’ is referring to increase body muscle building for mens athlete to make their muscle is more bigger than others sportspeople