Persuasive Essay On Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Athletes use of performance enhancing drugs has become all too common in today’s society. With many athletes testing positive for doping, sports are becoming tarnished with athletes trying to gain an unfair advantage on their competitors. Although players are tested often for such drugs, there are still many loopholes and some drugs are not detected by current systems. So what would cause an athlete to put their body at risk to gain just a slight edge on their competitor? Sports should be a test of real skill, not artificial skills given by doctors. With the numerous side effects performance enhancing drugs have, they are simply not safe for anyone to take, let alone a professional athlete. Taking performance enhancing drugs is detrimental …show more content…

Taking pills and injecting testosterone are popular ways that athletes use PEDs. The whole reason that athletes choose to take these drugs is because of the unfair advantages they gain. Athletes take these drugs knowing it will increase their athletic ability and decrease their rest time. Anyone that knowingly takes a drug that will increase their ability is not playing their sport the acceptable way, and obviously this glorified cheating should not be allowed. Evan Argintar, an orthopedic surgeon at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, had this to say about performance enhancing drugs. “Performance-enhancing drugs absolutely give athletes advantages in strength and endurance, which helps them both in the preparation for their sport as well as the actual implementation of the skills needed in many ways for the different sports.” (Argintar) Anything that can make an athlete better in an unfair way that can not be done by all athletes should not be allowed, especially something this harmful. Anything that is not worked for and earned should not be given in the form of a pill. This also lessens the actual wonder of an amazing athlete that is not doping, because due to the amount of people doping today we just tend to assume they are using something they should not be using to be that athletic or

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