Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Allowed In Sports Essay

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Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Allowed in Professional Sports Performance enhancement drugs used by professional athletes who strive, or want to separate themselves from mediocrity and desire super stardom these athletes should not be penalized. Furthermore, athletes who are willing to take the journey down the path of using foreign substance on their bodies they should be allowed. Therefore professional athletes, functioning on their own recognizance, they have the monetary means, and it’s their body which is their own property. Consequently no athlete, or professional organization sets out to finish second or doesn’t attempt to win the highest honors in their respective sport. The athlete hands should not be tied because others haven’t …show more content…

PED arguably allowed Barry Bond transform fr When one athlete begins to fade physically the PED athlete can still sustain and perform if money, fame and glory are the driving force for these athletes to try and use PED’s then ultimately this trend will never stop. There will always be that one athlete who would want to create more separation from his peers and line his pocket more. The greed is another key factor in why PED’s should be banned. More importantly, as a role model for kids, young teens and athletes who strive to become athlete will be misled the message being sent to kids, you should use PED if you want to be successful as opposed to working hard and using your natural talent. Accepting reaching the ceiling of your skill level and being content with which ever level of success you achieve. Also the health risks associated with using PED’s can be devastating to the body, with irreversible side effects. The side effects of PED’s have been linked to severe long and short term health risks; Cancer, Heart disease, organ damage, HIV and other STD’s by way of sharing syringes improperly, mood swings and

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