Summary Of Let Steroids Into The Hall Of Fame

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Major League Baseball in known as America’s Favorite pastime. Many people including children, college students, and the elderly fill baseball stadiums regularly, but do these people know the truth behind the success of their favorite player? This question is what Zev Chafets discuses in his essay “Let Steroids into the Hall of Fame.” Chafets argues that the regulations set in major league baseball should no longer ban the use of performance enhancement drugs. Chafet says “Fans will accept anything except the sense of being lied to” (245), therefore if the fans don’t care about the drugs players use why should the Hall of Fame? Cahefet attempts to back up his argument by say that professional athletes undergo a large amount of stress there for they should be excused from the law. …show more content…

Since the middle of the twentieth century performance enhancements drugs have been popular in sports such as baseball. This was not the begging of the use of these drugs, this drug use dates back to the Greeks, who would use it in their sports (Mottram 1). Many people are unaware of this us because the Greeks kept this hidden from everyone except those involved in the sport (Mottram 1). These drugs were also beginning to get banned in sports starting with the Olympics (Mottram 2), once the effect that these drugs have were analyzed to do more harm than good. By analyzing the effect that performance enhancement drugs have on the athlete, the sport (Major League Baseball), and younger athletes, more than enough evidence will be given to counter prove Chafets arguments on legalizing the use of performance enhancement drugs in Major League

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