Annotated Bibliography On Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Mahmoud Elbadry
Dr. Maha Hassan
Rhet 1020-08
13 March 2016
Performance Enhancing Drugs: An Annotated Bibliography
Research Question:
Why do athletes use performance enhancing drugs, what is the ethical dilemma in using them, and what are the effects of their use on sports?
Anderson, Jack. "Doping, sport and the law: time for repeal of prohibition?" International Journal of Law in Context. 9.2 (2013): 135-59. Print. This article written by Jack Anderson a Professor of Law at Queen’s University, Belfast, concerns the legal issues that surround the prohibition of doping in sport. The current policy on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport is underpinned by both a paternalistic desire to protect athletes' health and the long-term integrity …show more content…

This article is written by Dr. David R. Mottram, B.Pharm., Ph.D., F.R.Pharm.S. who is an Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, UK. This article tackles multiple subjects on the topic of performance enhancing drugs. Firstly, it tackles the many reasons why athletes would use performance enhancing drugs. It dives deep separating the use of PEDs by athletes to several categories from therapeutic use to treat medical conditions to recreational use to most important of all performance enhancing use. The article tries explain how an athlete can get PEDs for therapeutic use, it also explains the limitations of this process. It also tries to explain that the reasons that may sway athletes to take illegal PEDs are very complex, these factors range from peer pressure to misleading information on PEDs to many other factors. In addition, the article also examines the dangers of the use of PEDs from a health stand point and a professional stand point. This article I believe provides valuable information for my research as I am trying to formulate the many reasons why an athlete would use performance enhancing …show more content…

They believe that PEDs should not be banned by the governing bodies of sports. In the article the present both arguments, they talk about the spirit of the sport and how PEDs are ruining it, they talk about the ethical conundrum of fair play and honesty. They also mention the possible health complications that could arise from PEDs, they mention all this but they also provide us with an argument against it. They counter the claim of fairness by eluding themselves to fairness they mention that sports are rigged from the beginning with an unfair advantage to the genetically superior athlete, so using PEDs is just a way of catching up. They claim that the spirit of sports is not in its fairness but in the athletes themselves. They continue and say that the decision of the athlete from the way he trains to what he eats to whether or not he decides to use PEDs is what make the spirit of the sport. They also mention that other professional activities as in musical performances these performer use drugs to calm their nerves. This opposing more permissive view offers me the opportunity to present an argument on whether PEDs should be banned or not and how that would affect the sporting

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