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  • Essay On Morphine

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    Morphine for Medication Morphine has been known as a drug, a devil people mustn’t interfere with, but they never think about its benefits as a medical treatment. There are so many painful health conditions that people face nowadays, such as cancer pain, a pain after a major surgery, a pain after major trauma or injury, or a heart attack. Morphine is a strong opioid painkiller that is used to treat those conditions to relieve the pain. Although morphine is addictive and can ruin a user’s health, it

  • Diamorphine Hydrochloride Structure

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    hydrochloride which are formed by acetylating morphine. Esters have the RCOOR’ functional group, as depicted in the diagram. Esters are formed by reacting an acid and an alcohol together. In the case of diamorphine hydrochloride, the two alcohol

  • Narcotic Research Paper

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    and law enforcement agencies in the forms of solids, liquids, pastes and plant materials or plant products. Categories The samples received for the examination in Narcotic Section can be broadly categorized into:- 1. Opium/Morphine/Heroin/Opium compounds 2. Cannabis 3. Cocaine

  • Social Learning Theory Case Studies

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    Abstract The purpose of this study is to have a brief and thorough knowledge and awareness of how a drugs work physiologically and how it affects the life of the person being addicted to drugs. There are a lot of factors as to why a person can be addicted to drugs. This study focuses on the social learning theory why a person can be addicted to drugs. Social learning theory tells us what a child sees a baby can do. Furthermore this study focuses on how a person contracts Hepatitis C virus through

  • Mitragyna Speciosa Research Paper

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    According to Hunter, both fentanyl and loperamide are opioids, but fentanyl is a very strong painkiller which is up to 100 times more potent than morphine, which can cause drug dependence. Loperamide does not cause euphoric effects unless taken in extra large doses. In kratom-related deaths, experts cannot precisely determine if the herb alone caused it because the people took something else after

  • Drug Addiction: A Destruction To Our Society

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    Drug Addiction, A destruction to our society Drug addiction is the term used for consuming a drug or medicine in abundance. Alcohol and nicotine are officially permitted substances, but they fall in drug’s category. When a person is addicted,he is not able to control his drug usage and may continue using the drug in spite of the harm it causes. Drug addiction enhances a strong desire for the drug. An Addict may want to leave but most people think that they cannot help themselves. Drug addiction can

  • Painkillers Research Paper

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    They are synthetic drugs that have an effect on the body similar to the opiate, which is a natural drug such as morphine. There are two main groups of opioids drugs. The first group is the semisynthetic opioids are originated from the naturally opiate and opium alkaloids such as Hydromorphone, known as Dilaudid, contains morphine [ hydromorphone 1 Figure]. The second group is the synthetic opioids are fully artificial drugs from chemical substances other than alkaloids

  • Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict Analysis

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    This opium is refined into morphine which can then be further refined into various forms of heroin. Heroin can be smoked, snorted, or injected. The different types of heroin include white heroin, brown heroin, and black tar heroin. White heroin is heroin as its purest form. White heroin

  • Vickodin Informative Speech Outline

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    over the age of 12 in the U.S. Vicodin affects the brain and nervous system. Since hydrocodone is a opium synthetic substance that means it has not been created by nature but created in a laboratory to copy to the effects of the medication called Morphine. Vicodin is one of a few medications with a high chance of psychoactive prescription medications which can produce euphoria.Vicodin works by binding narcotics receptors in the brain, which helps to decrease the feelings and perception of pain. Also

  • Desomorphine Research Paper

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    headlines in recent years. Commonly referred to as the zombie drug it is most notable for its effects on the human body that result in skin to atrophy. Desomorphine is a derivative of morphine. It was patented and synthesized in Switzerland and its brand name is Permonid. It is described as being ten times stronger than morphine. Desomorphine or “Krokodil” made major headlines in the year 2002. This was when there were reports in Russia that showed abusers of the street drug had horrible side effects that

  • How Does Drugs Affect Consciousness

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    Drugs are substances that trigger temporary changes in the body which may result in such a pleasurable and relaxing effect. Some of the types can slow down the nervous system’s action, while other types can have the exact opposite effect; spurring the nervous system into rapid action. Drugs are connected to cravings or addiction since a person’s body starts yearning for drugs after he or she has taken it for a while. Drugs affect consciousness significantly! They may cause people to hear or see things

  • The Opioid Crisis

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    The opium poppy plant produces substances that act as a pain reliever. Most opioid drugs like morphine and hydrocodone that treat severe pain, contain the products of these poppy plants. Opioids are powerful narcotics that have over the years been taken advantage of but should exclusively be for medical purposes only prescribed by physicians. Nabarun Dasgupta is a pharmaceutical epidemiologist who has a Ph.D. in pharmacy from the University of North Carolina. Nabarun wrote a peer-reviewed article

  • Crack And Cocaine Essay

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    Also cocaine was used as a medicine to treat sinus illnesses, for eye, nose and also throat surgery. It was also administered to slaves to work longer and a cure for morphine addiction. Cocaine was really popular in the 1970s among the upper class, celebrities and fans. But there were consequence that cause people to loss there jobs, saving accounts, family trust, health risk and overdosing. Crack existed in the early

  • Examples Of Ostracism In Frankenstein

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    “Pain can be alleviated by morphine but the pain of social ostracism cannot be taken away.” (Jarman). Derek Jarman had a very good point when he said this. We all feel pain at some point in our lives and that pain is often altered by pain medication or other remedies but the pain of being pushed away from society otherwise known as Ostracism, that is pain that cannot be taken away. Ostracism is a problem that has been around forever and is still an unsolved problem today. Society is well-known for

  • Epidural Anesthesia Disadvantages

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    Spinal anesthesia is given nearer the spinal cord than an epidural, so it works quicker and produces a strong block with a smaller dose of freezing. One injection produces numbness of the lower half of the body for about three hours and by adding morphine pain relief can last up to 24 hours after surgery. This is the anesthetic recommended for Cesarean section. Epidural anesthesia is usually used if there is already an epidural in place for pain relief in labour. An extra top-up of stronger medicine

  • Cocaine: A Film Analysis

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    cocaine is classified as an illegal psychoactive drug that changes an individuals brain function to alter their perception, mood, and behaviours. The discovery of cocaine by the medical industry was an exciting one because cocaine offered a solution to morphine addiction. The distribution of cocaine across the globe originates in South America because the plant that cocaine is extracted from grows there. Despite cocaine having an illegal status, individuals consume the drug on a recreational basis. A well-known

  • Essay On Oxycodone

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    What is Oxycodone Oxycodone can be prescribed to help with moderate to severe pain. It is an opioid and belongs to the class of narcotic analgesics. It works as a depressant, slowing down the pain signals travelling from our body to our brain, and altering the way your brain responds to pain. This makes your body feel and respond to pain in a different manner as well. Doctors most commonly prescribe Oxycodone to help relieve the patient from moderate to severe pain. Nonetheless, medical professionals

  • Illegal Drugs Research Paper

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    Illegal drugs and the effects of drug dealing, drug use and drug addiction on families/communities. Drugs are substances that can be inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed or dissolved under the tongue. Drugs can cause a temporary physiological change in the body and can often lead to drug addiction. Four common illegal drugs are 1. Cannabis (common names are: Weed, hash, skunk, marijuana) 2. Cocaine (common names are: sniff, white, powder, snow) 3. Heroin (common names are: brown, hatsy

  • Cocaine Research Paper

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    iconic; popularized by people and up and coming companies. In 1884 Cocaine was Praised as Miracle Cure by Sigmund Freud The American medical community embraces cocaine as a miracle cure for a variety of ailments, including, ironically, addiction to morphine and alcohol. The New York Times reports on the new wonder drug,

  • Decriminalization Of Drugs

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    Narcotics or drugs have been plaguing our society for many thousands of years. They were used as pain relief in the early Egyptian civilization and opium was smoked for sedative effects in ancient China. Medicinal use, however, eventually gave way to recreational use. Hundreds of years passed before anyone realized the dangers of addiction or abuse and even after that, substance abuse has continued widely and openly. It was soon realized that this was a global problem that required a global solution