Steroids In Major League Baseball

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Major league baseball players are at the most competitive level now than they have ever been. Some may think it is for the use of performance-enhancers. Many players are getting caught using steroids and other enhancers. Some of the greats have lost their records and accomplishments they made because they used enhancers. Baseball players are using performance-enhancers to get to the top of the game and stay. Steroids are the common enhancer to use because it brings results fast. The effects can be worse than the results. Drug abuse can be life threatening. Athletes need to think about their future, such as family, friends, and their own life. Athletes have been using drugss for many years and will keep using for many more. Major League Baseball …show more content…

“Drugs are chemical substances which, by interaction with biological targets can alter the biochemical systems of the body.” (Mottram) This can cause many things in an athlete’s body to happen. On the cardiac muscles, if using, drugs can increase the force and rate of a heartbeat. Using steroids can cause a lot of mood swings from this. Steroids are not always bad, they have helped us in the medical world as long as they 're not being abused. Steroids come with side-effects only when they are abused. When they are abused, they work in a detrimental manner and can ruin an individual psychologically, physically, and emotionally. Physically it can damage the liver because it detoxifies the body. Over use of it will break down the liver until it doesn’t work. Other side-effects of abuse of steroids,”… liver tumors, jaundice, fluid retention, deepened voice, cessation of the menstrual cycle, growth of facial hair in women, impaired judgment stemming from feelings of invincibility, baldness, and reduced sperm count in …show more content…

Drug abuse is nothing to look lightly on. Drugs tear down an athlete’s body, or anyone that is abusing the drug. The liver is a vital organ, which means no one can live without it. Drugs will make an abuser over work this organ and kill it and that person. Steroids give results right way that are good signs, but that athlete or human is killing things inside them that really matter. Many players have been caught using these drugs. Stats from the greats have proven that the performance-enhancers have really stepped up the game in a player. Great players that did not start their career out so great, ended in with great stats. Some players picked the wrong path by getting into drugs, like steroids. Players need to do everything naturally, and work hard to be at the top of their game. Players are taking the easy and fast way of getting to the top by using drug, but it is the wrong way. Athletes need to prove to their selves that working naturally can work if they dedicate themselves to it. Drug abuse is a serious matter and can destroy a human’s body, so as athletes or people that can help someone struggling need to take a stand against the use of

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