Should Steroids Be Banned In Major League Baseball?

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The steroid era in baseball referred to a period of time in the MLB when a number of players were using performance enhancing drugs, in which resulted in a increase in offensive numbers. Even though steroids were banned in the MLB since 1991, the league did not take league wide performance enhancing drug testing till 2003. The lack of testing in earlier years allowed many players to get away with taking steroids.

During the 2001 Major League baseball season, Barry Bonds hit a MLB single season record of 73 homer runs. This amazing number of home runs occurred during the time of the steroid era. In 1996, Mark McGwire of the Oakland Athletics led the majors with 52 home runs despite being hurt for most of the season. A lot of people argue that steroids are necessary for the playing field, to help players play at there highest level. Steroids pose a a significant health risk, as well as giving players a unfair advantage. By doing this it will also change the style of baseball. This style of baseball will make a unfair advantage for the people who don't and allow them to break records when they don't deserve to. In all, steroids should be banned in Major League Baseball. …show more content…

No one can deny that steroids would help many players to reach a playing level that was super human. It was said by a famous old Red sox pitcher that players who took steroids made bad players good, and good players to e great in which led them to the hall of fame. By taking enhancers it allows the players to become very successful and play at the highest level possible. In the steroid era the number of people who did is no longer comparable to records. Now that testing is very strict in the MLB it is harder for players to get away with taking Performance enhancing

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