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During the time of the salem witch trials and the late 1980’s-1990’s during baseball's Steroid Era were two different things, but they also had one thing in common the hysteria that was brought by both of these. In the witch trials there were many of people dying and in baseball there was various amounts of people getting suspended and their chances at the hall of fame forever destroyed. Many of people know about the Salem Witch Trials as one of the most moments and years of hysteria. During this time there were many of people wrongly executed. During the 1950’s a man wrote a book called The Crucible. It is about the real life events of the trials and was seen as an adaptation of what actually happened. In this play Abigail Williams is a young girl that makes up …show more content…

This was not even close to the extent of the Steroid Era in baseball. During this time they found out that the home run record breaker Barry Bonds was doping this turned into a huge ordeal and many of people were call out for doping. Many of people's careers and reputation were destroyed, and many people didn't like that they were getting called out and losing the whole game of baseball’s respect. They threw out names in both instances and in one they were true somewhat but there was many people that got killed because someone just accused them and they didn't have any proof either way if it was true or not. During the baseball era they knew who was cause of drug testing, but throwing people's names out there without proof and just saying they are doing something caused all the hysteria in the first place. They had many of the names right during the steroid era, but not at all in the novel. They just threw out names in the novel to save their own butt. They didn't think about anyone else besides saving their own life. If people would have just

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