Pete Rose In The Hall Of Fame Essay

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Pete Rose In the Hall of Fame As any average baseball follower knows the all time hits leader for Major League Baseball, Pete Rose, is banned from baseball due to gambling charges in the 1980s that led to him also being banned from Cooperstown, also known as, The Hall of Fame. The argument I’m bringing forward is not a rare one or an educated one. It is very hard to justify not letting him when baseball players who are proven steroid users are in the Hall, see Jose Conseco, and that’s the only one that is proven, there is a 100% chance that there are more. You could argue that comparing betting on baseball while playing and managing is not comparable to steroid users. That it is comparing apples to oranges, but I’m arguing this, breaking the rules is breaking the rules, at least gambling never improved Pete Rose’s performance in a biological sense. Pete Rose’s stats speak for themselves he is the All-Time hit leader with 4,256, along with …show more content…

In this context, if enough people care to let one of the best baseball players of all time into the Hall, which true baseball fans should, than why shouldn’t we being letting our opinions be heard, there are much worse offenses in this world than gambling, especially when you have other all-star athletes being in the news for crimes such as drunk driving or even murder. Why shouldn’t “Charlie Hustle” get the respect he deserves and before this subject is to past history to fix it. At the time I’m not saying they were in the wrong, but times have changed and with the changing of times it is time to let arguably the Greatest of All Time to march into Cooperstown and see his name there, its never to late to fix a mistake and it is up to us as fans to make it happen. Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and it’s time that we as baseball fans, make that

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