Pete Rose: Steroids In Baseball

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In baseball today, the common solution to deal with steroid use is to hand out suspensions. As discussed before, in the Biogenesis scandal some of the big named baseball players were handed suspensions that could have been detrimental to their organizations. As the suspensions were handed out, some of the players had already faced the speculation of being connected to steroids. Alex Rodriguez in baseball today has been a common face with the discussion of steroids due to his big home runs and RBI stats. It has been proven that Alex Rodriguez has abused steroids yet he has continue used them. Along with Alex Rodriguez, another baseball star, Manny Ramirez has been handed suspensions in 2009 and 2011, (Baseball Almanac). The suspension in 2009…show more content…
Pete Rose is infamously known for gambling on baseball games during the season. When players gamble on athletic events, a player may intentionally play terrible or intentionally influence the outcome of the game to the way they placed their bet, (Kennedy 49). While Rose was a manager it was often believed that he “overused Rob Murphy”, due to him placing many bets on his team to win. The desire to win the bet pushed Rose’s decisions to do what was best for the money instead of focusing on the long season. The Pete Rose case is important to steroids because Pete Rose was banned from baseball on Aug. 24, 1989, (Verducci 67). Rose was banned for betting on the game of baseball, which is prevalent in America. However, players who continue to abuse steroids are given opportunity after opportunity to clean up their acts, but some of the athletes end back in the same situation as they were before. The suspensions increase as the number of offenses increases, but after a while Bud Selig should possible consider banning players due to them continue to taint the game. According to Michael Shermer, “Athletes have a huge incentive to dope.” In Shermer’s article, he discusses the small chance that athletes have of getting caught with using steroids. Also, he explains how using steroids can make you a millionaire but if you do not use them then “you…show more content…
As the game continues to evolve with the equipment, the game will as evolve with steroid usage. The desire to be the best player and hit home runs have ruined the concept of playing small ball. Androstenedione and anabolic steroids are both designed to increase muscle mass in the body, which relates to an increase in power. With the prevalence of suspensions that are handed out because of the use of steroids, players should give up steroids and use hard work to get to where they desire to be. With the increase in knowledge in the medical field about steroids, it may be possible to create a way to detect steroids during test. The technology could help make testing more advanced and could detect when there was an injection of steroids. Baseball is a great game but hopefully future baseball commissioners can implement a plan to lessen the steroid use to bring integrity back into

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