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Caroline Davis was a newly married woman who had never lived outside of the privileged green lawns of suburban Washington, D.C. Although she was married, she had not cleared the last hurdle into complete adulthood by obtaining a full time job. She had been quite busy with planning the wedding and such. Her darling husband, Wesley, had been employed by the Centers for Disease Control, which all its employees called the "CDC", since he finished his Residency at the prestigious Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1991. Wesley had based his career as an epidemiologist on researching the AIDS epidemic. This field of study required him to travel frequently to different regions of Africa. Caroline believed since she was unemployed, that accompanying Wesley on his next research trip …show more content…

She did not think of it again until she went home that evening. Wesley had hired a contractor to install a huge iron gate in front of their house. When she asked Wesley about the belgian colonization , but told her there was nothing to worry about. Caroline did exactly what Wesley told her to. She did not worry about political unrest. She spent her days caring for Dr. Nwabe's children and her evenings at home with Wesley. Then the soliders came. As she strolled the baby to collect the children at school one afternoon, she heard shouting and saw a crowd gathered outside a local business. Then she saw soldiers armed with submachine guns forcing people into paddywagons. People were shouting and crying. The soldiers were behaving quite forcefully, though no shots were fired. Caroline hurried around a corner and swiftly walked the children home via a different route. She saw nothing out of hte ordinary on the way home. She hoped what she had seen was an isolated incident, but called Wesley at his office just to make sure. Wesley told her again there was nothing to worry

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