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Abigail Smith was born on November 11,1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Elizabeth Quincy Smith, and William Smith are the parents of Abigail. Abigail 's was born as the daughter of a minister. Abigail Smith was the second of four kids; Mary, Elizabeth and William. Abigail did not attend school, like most girls did, due to chronic illness. But abigail was devoted to reading and studying shakespeare and John Milton. Abigail 's future husband, John adams, was her third-cousin. Abigail Smith and John Adams met in 1759, when Abigail was 15 years old. They later reunited at a social gathering when abigail was 17 years old.

Three years after reuniting, October 25, 1764, John and abigail decided to get married. Less than a year later, their …show more content…

The adams family moves to Philadelphia after John is voted as vice president. The family has not been settled for long, before John became president after the retirement of George Washington. John asked Abigail to join him in the capital city.Abigal Adams arrived in early May. Abigail adams quickley gained the name as the First lady. Abigail assumed an active role as an informal advisor. Abigail Adams was the first women to be the wife of one president (John Adams), and the mother of another, (John Quincy Adams). abigail adams gre very unhealty over the years. Over the summer, Congress convened and the Adams family set back for their farm. When they finally reached Quincy, Abigal has grown ill with a fever, diharrea and diabetes. John had to leave his wife behind when he returned to philideplphia. Abigal joined John in Philidelphia the next summer. On Abigails way back to quincy, she stopped in New York to visit her kids, Charles and Nabby. Abigal was devestated to see that her kids were not doing well on their own. Nabby had no money and Charles had become an alcholic. After john lost the next election, Abigail returned back to him in Washington DC. It wasent soon after, it was actuall at the same time that john had gotten the news of his lose oft he election, that they got the news that Charles has

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